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Call me Brock. Many long years ago, never mind how long precisely, on the high Andean plains I found myself cooing in my nursemaid’s arms. Whence, how so, wherefore thought I as I nestled against a hearty Aymara breast. Wherefrom, what provenance, indeed why I wondered as I waxed in age under Illimani surrounded by the Royal Andean Range? Was it the thin air of the elevation, the strong mix of Christian-pagan, the closeness to the sky that had me pondering the imponderable at that improbable age? Then my keepers wrenched me from the embrace of the Royal Andes and placed me in the vibrancy that is Montréal. There I exchanged Spanish for French and came to know prejudice for the first time, a concept still foreign to my understanding. And so through adolescence I struggled and on to the bidden path of ever higher education, marriage, children, career and the shackles of it all. Number crunching, enterprise, economic development and getting that family brought up became my raison d’être. Venues changed from the ideal of rural Nova Scotia to the delight of the India ink black of the Arctic skies brushed with the richness of the Aurora Borealis. Queries of my early youth hardly encouraged, always discouraged though never expunged. And so into a June and Ward Beaver template I stumbled finding it not to be a June and Ward Beaver existence. Through breaking from that mold I found the shackles on my thoughts and queries and wonders loosening. The freedom brought by an uncritical lover sped me on my way. Waxing age, too, brought back those questions of yore with an increasing interest in my eventual disposition. So the search began in earnest, guided by the writings of the ancient sages through to the latest probing of our universe by the scientific community. The result has been a joy to uncover and I hope it will ease your entry into the great beyond.

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