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Ever since the success of human kind’s endeavors has allowed the luxury of abstract thought, the nature of existence and its supposed relationship with a God has been a matter of some discussion. The answers brought forward have a wide and colorful and, at times, tragic history but they all have one thing in common... they are a matter of faith. Even atheism is a matter of faith. Agnosticism perhaps has the closest resemblance to a practical interpretation of what we, God and the universe are all about.

This essay lays out the reality of our existence, our relationship with God and who, or rather what, God is. It reviews perceptual difficulties which have hindered our understanding in the past. It examines the mysterious world of quantum and molecular mechanics, curved space and the all pervading Higg’s field. Through it we discover that we lead a dual existence, a corporeal being acting in tandem with a conscious being. Finally we determine the place of the soul in God’s bosom and the mechanics by which we arrive therein.

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God Explaned
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